We aim to treat human beings like human beings with flaws and all. No one is perfect and we all need a hand every now and again.


In one sense what we do is easy. At the very root highjinx is about people helping people. It is one person reaching out a hand to another when someone needs it. There is no degrading paperwork, there is no rifling through someones bank account, there is no judgement or assessment. If you need a toaster you get a toaster. If you need a couch we will find you a couch. If you need housing we can help you find that. There is no clocking in and there is no clocking out. We, at highjinx, are a community, we are a family. And we want all of our Neighbours to understand that we all have hard times and that we could all use a hand or an ear. Join in helping us help others. Stop in and chat. Stop in and buy something. Stop in and grab a bite to eat. Stop in and drop some food off. Meet your Neighbours and help us help each other.

highjinx is meant for everyone.


A happy and healthy community is not a fairytale. All you need are neighbours.

giving an apple.jpg

We have always dreamed of having a space where people could feel welcome. Where they could feel open to talk. Where they didn't have to feel like they were a lesser citizen. They were able to be who they were. Where there is no red tape, assessment or expectation. highjinx is just that place. This place. This home is home for many. It provides much more than just products and services. It provides a sense of belonging. It provides community. It acts as a family that many do not have. It it a soft place and a tough place. It is a place where you can vent. It is a place where you can grow. It is a place where you might just get a good dose of reality. But you might also get a really big hug when you need it. 

Most of all it is our dream. Thanks for helping us help others.

Karen & Leigh


Our Mission

To give people back some dignity.



just missed one bill payment


need something to eat and a warm place to sit for 1 hour.


are humans beings.


Get Involved

There are lots of ways for you to get involved and help your neighbours.